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Brug en fagmand.

Det betaler sig!.

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My name is Kim Reich - my last name is from my mothers family. There are many Reichs worldwide - some I may be related to. To begin with I am pretty sure that her family once came from Germany and Poland.

If anyone reading this know of family members living now in Denmark - in particular the Elsinore branch - it would be fun to hear from you! If any member of the Reich family in the United States, Germany or elsewhere have relations to Denmark this would be of interest too!

My full name is Kim Haagen Andersen Reich. I was born March 21. 1953 and work as an editor, freelance writer and consultant. I am married to Kirsten Neel Harry . She can also help you!  

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Kim Reich's FIVE CHALLENGES for the future

1. Globalization is in fase 2.0, where the political, social and economic challenges

constantly emerge in new forms and variations and reflects in momentous chaos


2. The World is heading towards a tech-nological revolution that will put decisive focus on sustainable development and growth


3. Changes in citizen- and customer- behaviour will produce a brand new set of demands for public and private business


4. Future leadership is more about what we can do together than about what you can do for yourself


5. Lack of human resources will put learning, jobinnovation, networking and Work Life Balance up front